Blurred yellow and white image with a chaotic movement effect and thin vertical poles.
Gondolas covered with blue tarps docked at a misty pier in venice with san giorgio maggiore church in the background.
A motion blur photo of a jockey in green and white silks riding a galloping horse on a racetrack.

Filters that soften, lower contrast, and create mood.

Five blank id badges with blue borders scattered on a white background.


Diffusion filters are used to soften the image without making the subject look out-of-focus. They are manufactured from a wide range of textured-type patterns, including nets, concentric circles, tiny lenslets, subtle ripples, minuscule particles, frost-like glaze, and various computer-generated configurations.

Each type is usually supplied in sets of 3 to 5 strengths. Depending on the type used, along with the lighting conditions, each produces its own unique effect.

Some flatter the subject by smoothing-out wrinkles and toning-down blemishes, some lower contrast and pleasantly mute colors, and some flare highlights while adding a mood to a scene.

. . .There are at least two dozen popular types, all of which are attainable through the Filter Gallery.