The Filter Gallery is now located in Long Island, New York, directly across from the Hicksville Rail-Road Station, which is a major transpiration hub when traveling to and from Manhattan. This is particularly convenient for messenger service companies and last-minute pick-ups. The Ronkonkoma and the Northshore line leaves Manhattan every half hour. . .Three stops (Woodside, Jamaica, Hicksville). Our showroom and office are on the 4th floor, about 60 feet from the railroad elevator. In addition, we are three flights above a very unique and busy FedEx facility. Their last shipping time is 7:00 PM.

Rentals & Sales

For an insightful and valuable experience, we invite you to visit our showroom and rental department. It will provide you with a noteworthy opportunity to explore the unique and fascinating world of professional camera filters. We have one of the largest collections of optical filters in the United States. It includes an extensive range of solid and graduated colors, a host of popular diffusion effects, several vari-color polarizers, star and streak effects, multi-image lens attachments, and a cross-section of special-effect diopters.

In addition to glass filters, our product lines include a range of lens accessories and image-controlling devices from major manufacturers such as Tiffen, Harrison, Schneider, Pancro, Formatt, Heliopan, Hoya, Kenko, Tessive, Marumi, Lee, Chrosziel, ARRI, Vocas, Petroff, KinoFlo, SpinTec and Schulz Rain Deflectors.

Stan Wallace, F I L T E R Specialist

The Filter Gallery's founder and managing director are Stan Wallace. He is a former still photographer with over 30 years of filter experience. His background includes 8 years with Tiffen and 8 years with Schneider.

Stan takes great satisfaction in helping camera professionals expand their knowledge and fine-tune their images through the use of optical filters. His technical support is insightful, informative, and unmatched.

Whether it’s a small infrared filter for surveillance, a subtle contrast effect for ENG, a warming filter for a documentary, or
a custom graduated color for a feature film
, Stan will help you get the right filter for your application and the right filter for the look you are seeking to achieve.


Feel free to contact Stan up till 10:00 PM "New York time." His cell number is 1(631) 433-0029