Elderly man adjusting a vintage camera in a rustic photography studio with brick walls and classic decor.


All Harrison viewing filters are supplied with a lanyard and protective pouch.
The handle is an integrated part of the viewer and will not break away.
A threaded retaining ring enables the user to conveniently replace the glass.

Illustration of various filmmaking tools: a portrait outline, three color calibration tags for green and blue screens, and four specialized effects guides.

Filter Pouches & Cases

The Filter Gallery

6-Pocket Pouches

ideal for ND, diffusion, and graduated color sets

Three views of a black zippered pencil case displaying a colorful logo, depicting closed, partially open, and fully open states with pencils and a notebook inside.
4x5.650 Horizontal Pouch

The "On-The-Go" Travel Case

Portable battery storage cases with varying capacities on display, showing internal compartments and external features like handles.

with aluminum/rubber-padded support module that holds eleven 4x5.650 filters
Without the module, the case holds 12-14 filters in single-pocket pouches.

The "All-In-Once" Travel Case

Open photography equipment cases with compartments, displaying various filters and lens accessories on a white background.

designed to hold 3 "on-the-go" cases or
two "on-the-go" cases with one matte box.