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       Filters that soften, lower contrast, and create mood .     
   Diffusion filters    

Diffusion filters are used to soften the image without making the subject look out-of-focus.
They are manufactured from a wide range of textured-type patterns including: nets, concentric circles, tiny lenslets, subtle ripples, miniscule particles, frost-like glaze, and various computer-generated configurations.
Each type is usually supplied in sets of 3 to 5
strengths. Depending on the type used, along with the lighting conditions, each produces its own unique effect.
Some flatter the subject by smoothing-out wrinkles and toning-down blemishes, some lower contrast and pleasantly mute colors, and some flare highlights while adding mood to a scene.
. . .There are at least two dozen popular types, all of which are attainable through the Filter Gallery.

      Black Diffusion               Classic Soft              Gold Diffusion
Mitchell                 Softnet Black              Bronze Glimmer

Soft Centric               Soft-Fx                      Black Frost
    Warm Center Clear        White Frost                Black Promist